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    Men’s Divisions: Open to all players 18 and older.

      Men's Open Division – Designed for more experienced players, open to all men, any level of experience including Junior, College or Professional.

      Men's Competitive Division – This is a novice level division, with most players having played high school or recreational. We will allow no more than 2-4 current/former junior or college level players on a team at the highest levels, with less in the lower levels. We will once again break the division into multiple levels. The placements will be based on past years performance and/or by reviewing a team's roster.

    Women’s Division: Open to all players 18 and older.

      Women's C Division – This is a competitive division with approximately half of the players on a team having played competitive hockey (high level youth, high school, college), with the other half being recreational players.

  The Chatter Cup Hockey Tournament
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